Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering Government of India, Ministry of Tourism


IISM has well-furnished hostels both for boys and girls where all facilities are provided. Both hostels are within the premises of IISM Building which is centrally heated and hot water is provided during sub-zero temperatures of winters.

Central Heating System

IISM has very expensive state of the art central heating system which provides heating to the whole building including hostel of boys and girls. This system operates during extreme cold climate of severe winters of Gulmarg.

Hot Water Timings

During winter courses students, are provided with hot water for bathing as per the following timings: -

a) Morning Timings:- 07 AM to 09 AM

b) Evening Timings:- 08 PM to 10 PM

Drinking Water

Institute has central filter system and Aqua Guard near the kitchen where students can fill their water bottles for drinking water in the hostel. A dedicated team is also detailed to serve drinking water to students on the snow slopes when they are training for skiing. Students are advised to drink sufficient water to avoid dehydration.

Wash Rooms

IISM provides the most hygiene, neat and clean wash rooms with regular running water during the extreme cold climate of winters. The wash rooms are maintained regularly by efficient service staff of IISM.

Accommodation During Outdoor Training

During the long outdoor training of outdoor courses such as mountaineering, trekking etc, students are provided with either tented accommodation or a hired accommodation as per the requirements and availability of the accommodation.