Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering Government of India, Ministry of Tourism

Hostel Rules and Regulation

The following rules will be followed by all students residing in the hostel. Violation of these rules will make students liable for disciplinary action including expulsion from the course.

1. All students must remember that hostel is home for them on the campus. They should behave themselves well on campus as well as outdoor in such manner as to bring reputation to them and to the Institute.

2. Consumption of Liquor, gutka and smoking is strictly prohibited in the IISM hostel.

3. A student once admitted in the hostel will abide all the rules stipulated by the institute from time to time.

4. Every student should stay in the accommodation allotted to him/her by the Warden/Matron concerned. He/She will not be allowed to change the accommodation once allotted.

5. A student should check the fittings in his/her room at the time of occupation. If there is any deficiency or inadequacy, It should be brought to the notice of hostel staff. He/she shall be responsible for the up keep of the fitments. Any deficiency at the time of leaving the hostel will be charged from the occupants.

6. Students will be collectively responsible for any loss or damage to the hostel furniture or fittings in all the rooms and common area.

7. Daily cleanliness of room is the responsibility of occupants. Rooms will be inspected by warden every day.

8. A student should not enter the rooms of other students.

9. All students will remain present at the time of Roll Call.

10. Use of personal electrical appliances like heaters, hotplates etc, in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.

11. Students must keep valuables under lock & key. Expensive items & cash may be deposited in the office. They should lock their rooms properly when they go out. Institute will not be responsible for any loss of any article by any students.

12. No one should use the belongings of other students without their consent.

13. Employment of a private servant is not allowed in the hostel.

14. No student is allowed to remain outside the hostel premises after 10 PM and outside the institute after 6 PM in winters and 8PM in summers.

15. Visitors are not permitted to stay in the hostel. Any visitor willing to meet his ward can do so during the break in institute lounge with permission of warden/ Chief Instructor.

16. Hostel Prefects are appointed to supervise and to maintain discipline. All students should cooperate with them in discharge of their duties.

17. Students shall not leave the hostel for out-of station visits without prior written permission of the Principal. Absence from hostel without permission will invite disciplinary action.

18. A student shall not give keys of their room to any other student / person except the warden of hostel.

19. The Warden/matron or a member of institute staff nominated by the Principal can inspect room of any student at any time.

20. Students are not allowed to keep any weapons including knives, daggers etc in their hostel.